Rat Packs Just a Chance

This is our boy Chance. He is out of Twin Oak's Kennel here in DeRidder. Chance is a Chocolate Tri, Type A. This will be our fist time breeding Chance but in past litters of his he has thrown blue, choclate and lemon so we are hoping for alot of colour from him. Chance weighs in at 7 pounds 3 oz. 

Rat Packs I'm a Renegade

This is our guy Rooky. He's such a little ham, he always keeps us laughing with his crazy antics. Rooky is a Type B. His colour is very interesting , he looks like a black tri in this photo but in real life the tan that you see is really brindle. His mother is a brindle and his father is a blue tri - both type B . We have huge plans for this little man's puppies. What we are going to try to do is bring the brindle up off of the legs to the body and we are hoping to get to the point of having blue brindle's , though I have a feeling that may take a good while! Keep an eye out for this guy's babies as I'm sure they will be amazing!!! 

Rat Packs King Of The Hill

This is Bo,he's my little man. Bo is a Type A and his colour is called charcoal though it's hard to tell by this photo. Bo weighs in at 8 pounds. His daddy is Rambo a charcoal tri and his momma is Ladybug a black tri. We have bred him one time to Cleo and he produced very small puppies. We will be breeding him to Angel sometime late this year.